October garden art from Rosewood

Somehow the weeks have flown by.  Once again it’s time for some October garden art from Rosewood.  This month’s image in Eugene Grasset’s Art Nouveau calendar is a gorgeous autumnal scene.  The beautiful gardener is raking leaves from the lawn.  It’s a job we’re all facing now that we’re well into October!  Still, there are a few flowers left to enjoy.  The blue blooms at the front of Grasset’s picture add a brighter note against all the soft orange and brown of the autumn garden.  He always uses colour to great effect.

To be honest, we all have to be grateful now for any days we can spend in the garden while the weather isn’t too bad.  One thing about England’s changing seasons is that we can’t get bored – and after winter, it’ll soon be spring again.  Our engineers will be coming to shut down your Rosewood irrigation systems soon, but before you know it, it’ll be time for us to start them up again.  Make the most of the colours of your autumn gardens while they last!  And if the October garden art is inspiring you, you can look back through the Blog posts for earlier months in Grasset’s calendar.  Also, look out for the next image in November!