Our Monet for May – Peony Garden

So, we’ve reached the middle of May now.  During the beautiful weather we’ve had over the last couple of weeks, it was hard to believe we weren’t at the height of summer.  Sadly, the weather has cooled again now, but don’t despair.  If you love your garden, then May means the start of the peony season!  Rosewood is happy to share our Monet for May showing just that – an oil painting called ‘Peony Garden’ painted in 1887.

Monet loved peonies and roses but he would never grow single blooms – he always planted the double-bloomed varieties to ensure a good crop of the full and heavy flowers he loved.  Despite the fact that they don’t flower for very long, a peony makes up for in beauty what it lacks in longevity.  And they come in such a variety of colours that they can match any planting scheme.  No garden should be without one!!

If, while appreciating our Monet for May, you decide to plant some of your own, you can follow this link to the RHS guide to growing peonies.  At Rosewood we love to help you make your garden as beautiful as possible!  And of course, that means you might benefit from one of our tailor-made irrigation systems.  If you’d like a quotation, or you’d simply like to find out more about how we could help your garden thrive, give us a call on 01727 811448.  We’re waiting to here from you.