Our new guard wren…

The Rosewood yard is where we start (very early) and end (usually quite late) each working day.  Our equipment is stored here, so we go in, make sure the vans are loaded with everything we need for that day’s jobs, and get on our way.

Having animals at a yard isn’t unusual.  Many businesses have guard dogs for security.  We like to be different though, so at Rosewood, we’ve picked up a guard wren.  We noticed it earlier this month, making a nest in some circular valve boxes that were stacked on a shelf.  The wren flies in and out at the bottom of the stack and there’s a lot of plant material that it has been brought in to make the nest cosy.  Ever since we saw the little bird we’ve been trying to catch it in a photo for you.  Unfortunately, it has proved difficult, but at last we’ve had success!

That said, spotting the wren in the pictures is a bit like a game of ‘Where’s Wally?’.  Because we’re at the yard at dawn and dusk, the available light means the photos aren’t what you’d call sharp.  However, the wren is there.  If you look, you’ll find it! It might take you a while, but look carefully.  We promise to send a better shot when possible!

Hope you’re all enjoying the bank holiday sunshine.  If your garden is already looking thirsty, you know where to get in touch.  Our Contact page has our online form, or you can call us on 01727 811448.  Looking forward to hearing from you!