Painting of Anemones – Art for Gardeners

It’s time for us to share this month’s art for garden lovers, and this time it’s a painting of anemones by Geraldine Girvan.  Girvan is a Scottish artist who was born in 1947.  She is a well respected artist here in the UK, usually painting flowers or cats, or sometimes both together.  She painted Red & White Anemones in 2017, so it’s one of the most recent of our selections so far (although just beaten by the 2021 David Hockney Spring Flowers we showed you in October).  Girvan’s painting of Anemones was executed in Edinburgh, as are many of her other pieces.

We felt that our garden-loving clients would enjoy this artist’s work very much.  She uses colour very effectively, and creates a pattern across the surface of the work.  This vibrant and attractive surface pattern is more important in her work than making sharply defined edges between objects or creating the effect of three-dimensional space.  In that respect Girvan’s work follows in the footsteps of great French artists like Pierre Bonnard.  Girvan has been very prolific, so there are many beautiful images to look at if you like here painting.  To see more of her pictures, click the following link: Geraldine Girvan Paintings