Pipes under a driveway – with Rosewood you really don’t need to worry!!

We know it sounds alarming that your beautiful driveway might need to be dug up in the process of having an irrigation system installed.  Likewise, if we have to take up part of your path, or any other hard-landscaping feature, it’s natural for you to be anxious about it.  But even with pipes under a driveway – with Rosewood, you really don’t need to worry.  We can’t speak for other companies, but we take the utmost care.  We lift the minimum necessary and replace every brick or  slab exactly as it was before we started.

Below is a set of photos from a job we did last week.  We laid pipework across a large garden, including the driveway.  The first picture shows how we removed the necessary bricks one by one, setting them aside neatly in order.  (That way we know exactly where each one belongs when it comes to replacing them once the job is done).  You can also see the neat trenches cut across the lawn and extending across the drive.

The work in progress:

As the sequence progresses, you can see the various stages.  At the start the trenches are visible, then the pipes go into position.  After that you can see the way the drive looks with half the bricks reinstated, and so on.  In the background you can also see our engineer replacing turf squares on the lawn.  He’s doing an equally neat job with the grass!  The final image shows the driveway after everything has been replaced.  The compactor has been used to ensure the bricks have been pressed back not only into the right place, but also at the correct level.  The resulting smooth finish ensures that, once the sand has been brushed in, nobody could tell we’d ever been there!