Pop-up Sprinklers Under Paving!

It might surprise you to see that we don’t just install irrigation in beds, borders and lawns.  We usually set sprinklers flush with the ground in lawns.  This allows for easy mowing while the watering system is not running.  The sprinklers only pop up when the irrigation system comes on.  But our photo shows pop-up sprinklers under paving!  It’s the best way of watering the planting on either side of the paving, so not as strange an idea as it sounds.  The pop-ups work in exactly the same way as when they’re installed in the grass.  They stay flush with the ground until the system switches on.  At that point, the pressure of the water flowing through pushes the pop-up above ground and water sprays out.  It’s simple and extremely effective!  Your plants will love the regular watering.

Rest assured that if we have to lift paving to lay pipework, we take as much care putting everything back neatly as we do when we lift turf.  We lay each brick or paver neatly at the side in order.  Then every one is placed back exactly where it came from.  We aim to leave all installations looking as though we haven’t been there.  The only way you’ll know is by the amazing new irrigation system, which will hopefully make a huge difference to your plants.

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