Prepare For The Dry Weather Before Spring-

Winter into spring

It’s been a wintery week, with snow, sleet and cold rain.  However, it won’t be long until spring.  Already the first of the flowers are appearing.  Snowdrops are blooming everywhere, and the foliage of later spring bulbs is peeping through the soil.  It’s the perfect time to be thinking about how our gardens will look once they’re in full bloom.  All plants do better with consistent and regular watering, that goes without saying.  So despite the current downpours, why not prepare for the dry weather to come?  Enquire today about an irrigation system from Rosewood!

It won’t stay wet for ever

It’s obvious that as the seasons turn, it becomes hotter and drier.  In England we are usually lucky enough to enjoy a relatively mild climate.  Here it’s not excessively hot in summer or excessively cold in winter. Even so, we regularly experience drought-like conditions for part of the year (which is why hosepipe bans are often in place in many areas of the country).  An irrigation system will make sure that even in dry weather, your precious plants are watered.  You won’t have to lift a finger, or worry about how much water is required.  And if it happens to be wet, a rain-sensor will detect whether the soil is soaked properly and switch off the system if it is.

Plants like consistency

Irrigation systems from Rosewood have an automated controller that switches the system on at preset times.  This provides the consistency of watering that plants like.  Some need more water than others, but consistency is always preferable.  And for all those different requirements, Rosewood makes it easy.  We design multi-zone systems that allow the controller to provide just the right amount of water each plant requires.  Lawns may be watered at one frequency and amount, whereas a specimen tree or a rose border may be watered in completely different quantities or frequencies.  We will design a system exactly tailored to your planting!

Now is the time!

It sounds obvious, but if you wait until the weather is really getting dry before contacting us, you’ll find we’re so busy we can’t fit you in when you might prefer.  The dormant winter period when most gardens are wet, and irrigation is far from most people’s minds, is actually the best time to contact us.  We work right through the winter.  The system won’t be switched on until spring, but it will all be in place and ready for when you need it.  It’s much better to prepare for the dry weather than try to deal with it once it’s here.

Give Rosewood a call on 01727 811448 if you have any questions, or to talk to us about a no-obligation quotation appointment.