Redirecting Irrigation Pipework

We all love a revamp

Who doesn’t like home and garden improvements?  Everybody enjoys redecorating now and then, and the same is true outside in our gardens.  We like improving our outdoor surroundings as well as our indoor ones.  Often, we might just change some planting, but occasionally we might make bigger, more structural changes.  These could be things like adding a water feature or landscaping part of the garden in a different way.  It makes sense then, that there are times when an existing irrigation system might need extending further to additional planting.  It could even need altering to avoid new hard landscaping areas, such as in the photographs above.  Of course, redirecting irrigation pipework involves a small amount of upheaval. However, this is only in the same way that the initial installation does.  A good result is not difficult to achieve if you know what you’re doing.  And at Rosewood, of course we know!

How do we reposition the pipes?

The sequence of photos above shows a recent job where the client is planning to extend a terrace area further out into the lawn.  The place where the paving will be extended had been cleared and our original pipework exposed.  We planned to move the pipes sideways just a short distance so that they would be under the turf a little way from where the new patio would finish.  The top two pictures are our ‘before’ images.  We’ve cut a very narrow trench, after removing small squares of turf and placing them carefully to one side ready to reinstate afterwards.  We dropped the pipes into their new positions and then backfilled the narrow trench with the soil that’s also ready at the side.  The bottom two pictures are ‘after’.  They show the area after we have finished our work and replaced the turf.  Even when you look closely at the final picture, you can hardly see where we cut the turf.  And in a few weeks it will have grown in even further.  Obviously the area that’s still bare earth is the area being prepared for the new paving to be added – nothing to do with us!

If you call Rosewood in to reposition irrigation pipework, you can rely on us dealing with the job in the same tidy and professional way we approached an installation.  We want to keep upheaval to a minimum, so that you can continue to enjoy your garden as soon as possible.  Why not give us a call to talk about what you’re hoping to achieve?  If we can help, we will.