Roof Garden Irrigation in Islington

You may have read our previous blog post, on the subject of irrigation for roof gardens.  We discussed how useful irrigation is when plants aren’t in the ground.  Roof garden irrigation is extremely helpful, because it’s likely that all the planting will be in containers and planters.  This means they dry out quickly, even after rain, so it’s crucial to water regularly.  In a business situation, it’s unlikely that the bosses will want to spare a staff member for watering.  So in this context it’s even more important to have roof garden irrigation.

We promised to bring you updates on the roof terrace in Islington that we mentioned last time.  Our last post included a picture of the empty planters piled outside.  Now we can show you the first stage of the work we’ve done.

The photos above show the planters in position, with the pipework for the irrigation system in place.  We have also put gravel in the bottom of each container so that drainage will be good.  Now that Rosewood has completed this preliminary work, we can get on with the next stage.  Soon this terrace will look amazing!

We’ll share more updates in due course.  In the meantime, you can find out about the way we work by reading the Our Process page.  Why not give us a call if you have any further questions, or just want to find out more?  Ring on 01727 811448 and one of our friendly team members will do their best to help.