Roof Gardens Need Irrigation

Urban greening

The trend for urban greening continues.  Office blocks around the world play a part in bringing plants into the grey of the city.   Where they only have vertical surfaces available, solutions include living walls and green facades.  However, where buildings have some sort of rooftop terrace, roof gardens are a possibility.  A seating area with planting creates a green oasis that contributes to the wellbeing and productivity of staff.  It also supports urban wildlife, of course, making a place that birds and pollinating insects can forage and rest.  However, looking after plants on a rooftop terrace brings particular challenges.  Irrigation for roof gardens is strongly recommended, and Rosewood can help!

Why irrigate your office roof garden?

We are well used to designing irrigation systems for all kinds of gardens.  The challenge for plants in roof gardens is that they are all in containers of some kind rather than planted in the ground.  Containers dry out quickly, so it can be tricky to ensure that watering delivers the right quantities and at the right times.  Automated irrigation removes the guesswork, and means that no staff are required to deal with the watering.

We are providing the irrigation to an office roof terrace in Islington, London (see picture below).  This area is being developed to provide an attractive seating area for staff, with planting to make it as green and pleasant as possible.  Large containers will be irrigated in a way that ensures the plants stay happy and healthy.  We can’t wait to bring you updates on this great project, in due course.

Roof gardens are for domestic homes too!

Of course, roof gardens aren’t only for offices – they’re great for domestic properties too where the right roof exists.  If you’re considering some kind of rooftop terrace, you can find some great ideas by following this link: Tips for Great Roof Gardens.

You can also get in touch with Rosewood about irrigation for the containers, by calling us on 01727 811448, or by using our Contact form.

roof gardens need irrigation - we're ready to start on this one!