Rosewood’s garden art for August

The weeks are flying by, so it’s time for Rosewood’s garden art for August.  We’re sharing Eugene Grasset’s ‘Aout’ picture in his Belle Jardiniere series.  This month the beautiful gardener is depicted in a patch of stunning sunflowers by an ornamental pond filled with waterlilies.

The pond fits in particularly well with our previous blog post.  If you saw it, you’ll know that water features were on our minds already.  Perhaps the summer heat makes the coolness of water all the more attractive.

As far as the sunflowers are concerned, sadly this year they aren’t doing so well.  They are usually in full flower in August, but my sources tell me that the lack of rain early in the season means that the agricultural crop is not good this year.  However, if you have a Rosewood irrigation system in your garden, any sunflowers you have in your borders should be unaffected by the dry weather we had!  Gardeners without irrigation will have to make do with these pretty Art Nouveau ones.  But you can give Rosewood a call on 01727 811448 and make sure that you have an irrigation system by next year!!