Selection of stunning water features

This summer we’ve worked in so many beautiful places with ponds, fountains, etc, that we wanted to share some with you.  So here are a selection of stunning water features from some of our clients’ gardens.  There’s also a river shot, because if you have a river bank at the end of your land, you don’t need a separate pond of your own! We didn’t want to favour any one of these wonderful gardens by selecting it for our featured image.  Instead we’ve used one of Monet’s Water Lilies – we love an excuse for some garden-themed art!

Don’t forget that a water feature of any sort always looks best in a garden that’s full of vitality.  Whether your pond or fountain is in a naturally-landscaped setting or at the centre of a perfectly-manicured lawn, irrigation to the rest of the garden creates the verdant surroundings that set it off perfectly.  If you need our help, give Rosewood a call on 01727 811448, or send us a message by clicking the link to our Contact page.