Spot the 3000 litre water tank!

Rosewood designs irrigation systems for all kinds of domestic gardens.  Many properties have mains water pressure and flow rate which are perfectly suitable for running an irrigation system.  Sometimes however, pressure and flow aren’t strong enough, so we recommend installing a tank and pump.

When we put in a tank, we do everything possible to minimise its visual impact.  We site it in the most unobtrusive location possible.  We also make sure it is well-screened by trellis, fencing or foliage.

Do I need a tank for my irrigation system?

Last week we had to install this 3000 litre tank in the Welwyn area.  The large photo above this post shows the garden after we had finished.  As you can see, the trellis hides the tank well already.  Once the garden is in full leaf and flower,  it will be almost invisible.

We took the two smaller pictures in the actual location of the tank, behind the trellis.  The one immediately above shows the pipework connecting the tank to the water supply.  You can clearly see the isolation valve and the double check valve.  We don’t cut any corners when it comes to our workmanship!  You can also appreciate the neatness of this installation – something we take pride in every time.

As always, we like to reassure our prospective clients that you can rely on Rosewood to do the best possible job technically and visually.  Our aim is your complete satisfaction.