Spring brings reassurance that life goes on

These are difficult times, but the beauty of nature is still available to us

We are living through some very difficult times.  All over the world, people are having to adapt to living with the anxiety and restrictions surrounding Covid-19.  In the UK, as in so many other places, people can’t go out to meet family or friends.  Many are working from home, and often they can’t continue with their usual hobbies or interests.  Every day there is depressing news to read or watch.  But nature is unaffected by the things that are worrying the humans of the world.

Spring has come as it always does, and spring brings reassurance that life goes on.  We are still allowed to sit in the garden if we’re lucky enough to have one.  We are allowed to go for a walk for exercise, but we can look around as we go.  Amidst the anxiety and despondency we can still find beauty and hope if we open our eyes to the natural world.

Pictures of natural beauty

Our Rosewood engineers are currently still able to work on installations and spring start-ups.  Working outside, they often notice these little things and take pictures for us to share on social media or here on our blog.  So here are a few of them.  Whether stunning flowers, incredible light, or cute animals, they all made us feel brighter and more cheerful for a moment at least.  Hopefully they’ll do the same for you.  As we said, spring brings reassurance that life goes on.  We should all take a moment to appreciate that there’s a future beyond the virus!

And if you want to see some really top quality photos of British wildlife, use the following link to see the winning pictures in the Guardian British Wildlife Photography Competition 2019.  You may not see all of these on your local walks, but you’ll find equally beautiful creatures even in your own gardens.

Best wishes to all of you

The Rosewood Team