Spring is coming – Beautiful February art

February is with us already.    It seems only a short time ago that we finished shutting down your irrigation systems for the winter period (click here to see our maintenance info).  However, there are signs that Spring is coming.

Gardens have relatively few of flowers at the moment, but against the stark background of bare branches and twigs, there are still a few winter blooms and evergreen climbers and shrubs.   There are beautiful art nouveau snowdrops and ivy in Eugene Grasset’s Fevrier.  They reminded us to share this month’s image from the Belle Jardiniere series.   This month she’s pruning twigs with some scary-looking secateurs.  We’re sure that Grasset’s gardener tackles the same jobs that we all have to do but she looks so effortlessly stylish doing them. And she doesn’t seem to have a red nose or frozen hands.  We’re jealous!