Sprinklers Are Beautiful As Well As Practical

Beautiful results of helping gardens thrive

When we install automatic watering systems in our customers’ gardens, their main reason for wanting irrigation is to help gardens thrive.  Plants and shrubs in borders, specimen trees and lawns all benefit immensely.  The carefully controlled, regular application of precise amounts of water leads to increased health and vigour so that gardens thrive.  What more could you want from your system?  However, one unlooked-for result of having a system installed is that irrigation sprinklers are beautiful as well as practical.  Lawn pop-ups in action can look absolutely stunning, especially when the sun shines through the water.  We have seen so many wonderful images, and when our engineer took this one last week, we thought we’d share it with you.  The sprinklers look as good as fountains!

Take some great pictures!

Do you want to capture better images of your sprinklers in action?  If so, there’s a link for you here to some great tips on photographing moving water .  Why not use your new irrigation system as an opportunity to hone your photography skills?!  We’d love to see the results.

Or stand back and appreciate what sprinklers can do

But of course the pop-ups are really there to do a job, not just to create pretty water effects.  Considering them like that, their real beauty is in wonderful effect they will have on your lawns and planting.  Helping gardens thrive is what we do, so if you’d like us to design irrigation for your garden, give Rosewood a call on 01727 811448.