Sprinklers for every lawn

Does your lawn need help?

We know that keeping your lawn in tip-top condition is hard.  Weeds, moss, pests, pets and the rest: they all cause problems.  However, if you opt for a Rosewood irrigation system, at least drought or dry spells won’t be a worry.  And don’t worry if your lawn is tiny, or an odd shape.  We have sprinklers for every lawn.

Is that a lawn or a desert?

In the middle of the rainy weather we’ve been having recently, it might be hard to remember what drought is like, but a dry spell can wreak havoc with a lawn.  With an automatic irrigation system, the sprinklers pop into action when the weather is dry, but if the ground is already wet enough, a rain sensor prevents the system from switching on.  We shut down irrigation systems about now for the winter season, but they have already done their work for the year.  If your lawn has been watered perfectly through spring, summer, and into autumn, it will be healthier, stronger, and better able to cope with all the other problems it might face.

A full circle or a narrower area?

Remember how we said a tiny lawn or one that was an odd shape wouldn’t be a problem?  Some sprinkler heads spray through a full 360 degrees, ideal for the centre of an area of grass.  We can fit others that spray at a precise angle, covering a chosen sector rather than a full circle.  This allows us to make sure the sprinkler irrigates a narrower area of turf without wasting water by overspraying onto surrounding areas.  Just as an example, we could fit a sprinkler right at the edge of a lawn that borders a garden path, so the sprinkler sprays through 180 degrees, watering the grass but not the path!

Pop-up sprinklers for lawns

The type of sprinkler head we use on areas that are laid to grass fits flush with the ground until the system switches on for the set watering period.  This allows for easy mowing, and also means there is no tripping hazard.

Our motto is ‘helping gardens thrive’, and we’re happy to have helped very many gardens already.  If you think we can help yours, please get in touch and we can discuss your requirements.  You can call us on 01727 811448, or alternatively you can write to us via the Contact Form.   We’re looking forward to hearing from you!