Subsurface Dripline for Lawn Irrigation!

Rosewood is very excited to announce that we have a new addition to our fleet of irrigation machinery.  We’ve just received a delivery from the USA, of a trencher that serves a very special purpose.  We believe it’s one of only two such machines in the country, and our pictures show it hot off the pallet!  The machine will help us to install subterranean dripline for lawn irrigation.  Read on to find out why we’re so excited about this!

Not just another trencher

So what makes this trencher different from all the others?  This one is set up to excavate a trench that is only one inch wide and four inches deep.  That makes it perfect for the installation of subsurface dripline.  Subsurface dripline is specifically designed to cope with being under the soil, with a copper shield to protect emitters from being damaged by grass roots.  You can read about the Rain Bird patented version here: Rain Bird subsurface dripline

Up to now, we’ve only installed this kind of dripline only under small, narrow or irregular areas of grass where pop-up sprinkler installation would be difficult.  Before now we would always use pop-up sprinklers under larger areas of lawn, as installing dripline would have taken too long to be economical.  The costs involved would have prevented it being affordable for most private customers.  However this is no longer the case, so this machine opens a whole new market.  Installation times will be far quicker, making this type of system cheaper to use.  For most suburban gardens, costs will now be roughly equal, whichever method is used.

So what are the benefits of subterranean dripline?

The beauty of dripline is that it is so economical to run, in terms of cost to the user and also in the way it uses water so efficiently.  Because every drop of water is targeted and nothing is wasted, dripline is exempt from hosepipe bans.  This is the only legal way to keep your lawn green during a ban! Also with dripline there is no spraying, unlike traditional pop-up sprinklers, so the system is perfect for irrigating any public areas, for example hotel grounds, public buildings, offices etc, where people might be walking past.

What’s not to like? Subterranean Drip Line is clearly the future!  Give us a call if you’d like a quotation for your lawn.