Summer Garden Sprinklers

Let’s face it, England is a pretty temperate country.  During the late autumn and the winter, rainfall is reliable – sometimes even excessive.  However, you mustn’t let that lull you into a false sense of security.  Climate change is affecting the whole world.  This means that during spring and summer months, even rainy old England is experiencing longer periods with no rain.  Occasionally these periods are long enough to lead to true drought conditions, but even a week or two without water can decimate our gardens.  This is where an automated irrigation system works wonders.  In summer, garden sprinklers are a godsend!

Our irrigation systems include different zones for different areas of planting.  Some of these (in borders, for example) will include drip line or drip emitters, which are installed on the surface of the soil.  However, some plants (turf, for example) enjoy watering from above.  This is where sprinkler heads come in.

Where we need to water lawns, Rosewood usually installs pop-up sprinklers.  We bury them beneath the surface of the soil so they lie flush with the ground.  This allows for mowing straight over them.  However, the magic happens when the system timer switches on the irrigation system.  At that point, the pressure of water flowing through the pipework causes the sprinkler heads to pop up above the ground.  Watering takes place for as long as the programmable timer has requested, then the system switches off and the falling pressure makes the pop-ups sink back under the ground.  It’s all so easy!

Lawn irrigation keeps your grass green and lush which is, of course, the main benefit.  However, the other wonderful thing about it is that everybody loves water when it’s hot.  In summer, garden sprinklers are great to watch.  That cooling spray is loved by children, dogs and adults alike!

If you’d like the benefits of healthy grass and an eyecatching water feature rolled into one, give Rosewood a call.  We can talk about exactly what your own garden might need and answer any questions you may have.  Why not call now?