Taking care with your utility cables

Avoiding utility cables

When installing an irrigation system in your garden, Rosewood doesn’t just start digging.  We make sure we are taking care with your utility cables.  It’s of paramount importance to know the position of buried cables so that we avoid striking them and causing accidental damage.  First we use specialised equipment to locate the underground cables (you can see the tool we use in the photo below).  Then we mark the position of the cables with a series of coloured flags.  That way, once we begin excavating, we are aware of the areas where we need to exercise particular caution.

Fixing problems

However, accidents do still happen now and then, of course.  We are only human! On the very (very!) rare occasions that we do damage a cable, we make a professional repair of the kind used by the utility companies themselves.  The photographs below show a cable which has been repaired by creating a cable joint.  This is encased in cable jointing resin inside an outer shell. This seals the repaired area of the cable completely so that no moisture can get in.  Afterwards the cable is as safe and strong as if it had never been damaged.   Lastly we measure the distance from the repair to an obvious landmark of some kind (eg the gatepost in the photo below) so that the client has a record of its location for future reference.

Rely on Rosewood

Of course, it’s not only taking care with your utility cables that we worry about.  At Rosewood, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and the care we take with all aspects of our work.  You can rely on us to do the best job possible, whether your garden is large or small.  Why not call us now on 01727 811448 to find out about a garden irrigation system that suits you?