That’s what I call a leak!

Rosewood Maintenance Call-outs

At Rosewood Irrigation Services we design and install the best possible irrigation systems using the best possible components.  However, this doesn’t mean that nothing ever goes wrong.  Rosewood provides a full maintenance service – find out more by looking at  Our Services.   This service is to shut down systems in the winter in order to prevent damage by freezing.  We then return to start them up in the spring.  We take these preventative measures so that usually problems don’t arise.  Occasionally, however, we have to actually repair systems.  Even the best quality parts can be damaged accidentally, and of course we are always available if clients need a call-out to fix something that needs repairing. If you look at the photo accompanying this post, you will understand the title: That’s what I call a leak!

Even a few drops escaping is a waste

Not every leak is quite as dramatic as the one in the photo, which we encountered last week.  However, even a few drops of water escaping where they aren’t meant to is a waste if it’s happening all the time.  At Rosewood, we attend many call-outs to fix holes in dripline.  Some of these are caused by rodent teeth, some by pets, and some by the inopportune use of a garden fork while digging!  In most cases it’s a simple matter to fix them.  We can cut out damaged areas of dripline and replace them, joining the new piece in neatly using connectors.  We can also fix other damaged pipes in a similar way.  When necessary we are even able to repair utility cables using the same sort of repair kit that the utility companies themselves use.

So, if you have an irrigation system that’s not performing as it should – even if it’s not one we designed and installed ourselves – give us a ring on 01727 811448 and we might be able to help