The Benefits of Irrigation in 2021

Our homes and gardens are our refuges – let’s make them the best they can be!

2021 is definitely the year to look at the benefits of irrigation, if you haven’t already.  Most of us are hoping for a better year than 2020 has been.  However the Covid pandemic hasn’t gone away yet.  This means we’re continuing to spend much more time at home than we used to.  Many of us have used the opportunity to improve the places where we live. We put time, energy and money into them that we might previously have spent on other things that aren’t available to us currently.  We’re making our homes, even if they’re tiny, into refuges where we can weather the storm in the most pleasant setting possible, sharing quality time with the people we love best.

Our homes include our gardens too, of course, even if the only outside space we have is a balcony.  So, we’re trying to improve our gardens too, making them the best they can be.  That way, when the rules prohibit us from going anywhere else, at least we can enjoy our own space to the full.  One of the biggest current trends in gardening is installing automated watering.  This allows you to keep your garden thriving with far less effort.

So what are the benefits to plants of an irrigation system?

Healthier plants

Plants grow more vigorously when we water them with the correct amount and at the correct intervals.  Stress occurs when a plant gets too little water or too much, and also if we water it too often or not often enough.  With drip irrigation in particular, water penetrates the soil slowly and steadily, placing moisture exactly where it’s needed – at the roots.

Less waste

Rosewood designs and installs top-quality irrigation systems using the best possible components.  Good drip irrigation systems like ours typically use less water than watering by hand, and are more efficient.  It’s estimated that as much as 30 percent of water applied from above (garden hoses, watering cans, traditional sprinklers etc) can be lost to evaporation or to wind.  With drip irrigation it’s estimated that 90 percent of the water applied ends up at the roots of the plants you’re trying to water.

Weed control in drip irrigation zones

Drip systems place water directly around the plant you want to water. As a result, weed seeds receive less water and germination is limited.

The environmental benefits?

Environmental savings

The efficiency of a well-designed and well-constructed irrigation system conserves a little of the world’s precious water resources.  You use more than if you didn’t bother watering at all, but a lot less than if you were trying to achieve the same amount of watering manually.

And the benefits to you?

Money savings

As a good-quality irrigation system is more efficient than manual watering, there will be savings on your bill too.  The only cheaper option is not watering your plants properly!

Saves time and effort

There is no need to drag watering cans and garden hoses back and forth around the garden.  You can relax and enjoy being out there.

Peace of mind

Different plants have different watering requirements.  Our zoned systems allow us to tailor the amount and style of watering to particular areas of your garden.  You can be certain that every plant is getting just the water it requires.


Our irrigation is completely automated.  We set everything up when we install it, but if you need to make adjustments (to timings, for example), this is very easy to do.  Of course, with a wi-fi module and a phone app, you can control your irrigation from your phone, even if you aren’t at home.


When properly designed and installed, irrigation can be built to suit any soil type and any landscaping.


Most of the components of an irrigation system are hidden.  Therefore they won’t have a negative impact on the look of your garden.  Water tanks can be buried or concealed behind sheds etc; dripline can be covered with mulch; pop-up sprinklers are installed flush with the surface of the lawn until they pop up at the arranged times.

Where do I find a good irrigation system?

Now that you know the benefits of irrigation, you’ll want a system in your own garden! At Rosewood we try to provide the best residential irrigation systems available.  We use quality parts and train our engineers to meet our high standards of technical expertise and customer service.  We’re confident that even if you find cheaper, you won’t find better.  Give us a call on 01727 811448 and we’ll discuss your requirements.