The Personal Touch

At Rosewood, we’re firm believers in the personal touch.  We have always aimed for complete customer satisfaction, and that’s something you can’t achieve without knowing what your customers want!  That’s why we take a personal interest in every client.  Yes, we’re here to make a living, of course.  However, at the same time we want you to be absolutely delighted with your irrigation system and our service.  To do that, we need to know how you use your garden and what sort of irrigation will help you most.

We make a visit to each customer before we start designing an irrigation system.  After all, we need to know what sort of planting you have so we can decide on the best approach.  You might only need a single zone of irrigation if your whole garden is one area of lawn.  However, you might need twenty zones if it’s a large garden with lots of different borders, containers, lawns and specimen trees.

Once we’ve talked to you about your garden and how you want to get the best from it, we design a system tailored exactly to your requirements.  Our friendly teams come and install it for you.  Then after installation, we check everything to make sure the system does exactly what we planned it would do.  At every stage we’re happy to talk to you about what’s happening and answer any questions.  You can find out more about the way we work by reading about Our Process

We should add that if you have queries before deciding whether to purchase an irrigation system or not, we’re also available for a friendly chat.  Give us a call on 01727 811448 and we’ll do our best to help.