The Tranquillity of a Garden

In these busy times, we all need a little peace to help us maintain our sanity.  Spending time in nature works wonders, that’s something most people agree on.  The quotation pictured above, from John Lubbock, reminds us how important it is to take time to relax.  Each one of us needs the chance to be still, do nothing and just be.  Letting your mind wander as you watch the clouds, feel the gentle breeze and listen to the birds is amazingly restorative.  So, if you have your own outdoor space, you’re very lucky.  The tranquillity of a garden is hard to beat.

So, what can you do to make your garden even more tranquil?  Would it be helpful to take away some of the physical effort involved in looking after it?  We think so!  At Rosewood we’re in the business of helping gardens thrive, while at the same time saving you a lot of time and effort.  Keeping your garden watered, unless it’s tiny, takes a lot of energy.  And all that time could be spent simply relaxing and enjoying the little corner of paradise you’ve created.  To paraphrase Lubbock, resting is not the same as being lazy.  Rather, it’s a vital part of keeping yourself healthy mentally and physically.

If you think a garden irrigation system would take the burden of watering off your shoulders, why not call Rosewood?  We can design irrigation specifically to suit the needs of your garden.  That might involve different zones for different kinds of planting.  It will certainly take account of the water pressure and flow rate in your area.  But leave it all to us.  We have more than a decade of experience at designing, installing and maintaining this kind of automatic watering.  So if the tranquillity of a garden is something you value, cut out some of the effort and let Rosewood help you and your garden thrive!