Time to share some garden art with Rosewood

It’s almost the end of July!  That means it’s time to share some garden art with Rosewood.  Here’s the July image in Eugene Grasset’s Belle Jardiniere series for you.

This month our lovely gardener is shown amongst the flowers: poppies (seemingly giant ones!) and lilies.  Along with the flowers, which we’re all enjoying in our gardens at the moment, you’ll notice the addition of a watering can.  We like the picture, but any of you without an irrigation system will be fed up with hand watering after this incredibly hot July we’ve had.  Even the occasional downpours don’t seem to have helped.  Pottering about with the watering can is fine if one fill will suffice, but after a few more, it gets tiring.  And hosepipes are okay until they get banned!

An irrigation system fulfills all your watering requirements.  It’s precisely tailored to each different area of the garden, and targets the plants exactly, reducing wastage.  Not only that, but if you go on holiday, your plants still receive the water they need.  If you think it would help your garden, get in touch with Rosewood.  You can call us on 01727 811448, or if you’d rather send us a message, head to our Contact page