We use the best possible components, so we avoid problems like this!

At Rosewood Irrigation Services we make sure we use the best possible components in the systems we design and install. (You can find out more by clicking this link to see why we choose the best brands).  It’s clear that using cheap parts is a false economy.

As an example, take a look at these photos taken at a job last week.  We had to upgrade and repair a system that was not installed by us originally. When we started investigating this is what we found!  Many irrigation companies use inferior quality narrower pipes underground to carry the water for pop-up sprinklers etc. Unfortunately, as you can see, they are then susceptible to crushing by tree roots which damage the pipe and cause leaks and flow problems. At Rosewood we always stick to a larger diameter, better quality 12 bar non-crush pipe to avoid this problem and others.  Cheap 4 bar pipe that we have seen used by other installers just does not stand up to the requirements of this kind of system.

We are proud to say that we don’t aim to be the cheapest – instead we aim to be the best, and the best value for money.  If that’s what you want for your garden, give us a call on 01727 811448.