We aim to be the best!

Our aim

At Rosewood, we feel it’s important to use the best quality components.  All our system designers and installation team leaders have a great deal of skill and experience. (You can read about our company here). We won’t cut costs by using inferior parts or doing a shoddy, careless job, because we take pride in our work.   We also believe this approach is more cost-effective and better value for money for the client in the long-term.   Rely on the fact that although Rosewood doesn’t aim to be the cheapest, we do aim to be the best.

Your view

We were delighted to receive this review from a recent client who recognises this endeavour.  This is the full review (our italics):

“The garden has a variety of flower beds, some very hot and dry, others cool and shady and yet others in raised walls. Linking the beds together are three areas of lawn which have quite irregular shapes. We asked a number of companies to provide quotes for installing an irrigation system. Rosewood were the most expensive. However, when we compared the various quotations we discovered that Rosewood were the only company to provide a comprehensive design that accounted for all the peculiarities of our garden. A site visit followed and after discussion further modifications were made to the design to accommodate specific garden features.

An installation date was booked and the team arrived as agreed. They were polite, organised, thorough and tidy. They explained what they were doing at each stage and included additional requests, without charge, as the job progressed. We are now looking forward to next summer when we can enjoy our garden without all the effort involved in keeping the plants watered.”

Why not give us a call?

The point is this: in planning an irrigation system, Rosewood takes into account that every garden is totally individual.  Not only that, but within each garden there may be several zones, each with quite distinct watering requirements.  Andy, our system designer, takes great pains to ensure that his designs cater for every area separately.  It may cost a little more than not doing so, but the resulting system will be so much better tailored to the requirements of that garden.  Cheap and cheerful may be fine if you don’t care that much about your plants and therefore don’t need specialist know-how.  If, on the other hand, you’re looking for a company that really knows how to create the best outcome for every precious plant, why not talk to us?  Get in touch with Rosewood, and invest in the long-term future of your garden.

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