We Always Do A Tidy Job

The trust you put in Rosewood

Whenever we install a Rosewood irrigation system, we know the client is placing a lot of trust in us. Firstly, there’s the obvious expectation that we’ll put in a high-quality system.  However, there’s also the trust that we’ll treat the garden with care and respect, and leave it in a good state after we’ve finished.  We are very much aware of how important your garden is to you, and we always do our utmost to look after it while we’re with you.  We always do a tidy job!

Rosewood takes care

It goes without saying that we do a first-class job regarding the technical aspects of the installation.  We are experts in the design and fitting of irrigation systems and have been in the business for a long time.  Find out more by clicking the link to Our Process.  However, we want you to know that we also understand you may have concerns about us digging up your garden!  At Rosewood we take every possible care to make the experience a happy one for you and your plants.

What happens?

You will see from our set of photographs that we do the whole job as neatly as possible.  First of all, we lay sheeting along the ground where we’re going to dig.  Then we remove squares of turf using our turf-cutting machine.   Our engineers lay each square of turf on the sheeting right next to where it was cut.  That way we end up with a long row of turf squares that can be reinstated in the correct positions once we’re done.

After cutting the turf, we use our trencher to dig a neat narrow trench that’s the right size for the pipework we need to lay.  The earth that we dig out in the process is piled neatly on the sheeting next to the turf squares.  It’s as simple as that.  We lay the pipe in neatly, fill in the trench with the piled earth, and relay the turf squares.  This means that at the point where we finish the job, you will hardly be able to see we’ve been there.  And within a few weeks, any tiny gaps will have grown in and be completely invisible.  It will be difficult to see that you had an irrigation system fitted except that your plants will be thriving with no watering effort on your part!

Get in touch

If we’ve reassured you that Rosewood always looks after your garden and your precious plants, then do give us a call and find out more about having an irrigation system fitted.  We’re waiting to answer any further questions you may have.  Ring Monday to Friday 9-5, on 01727 811448 and speak to one of our friendly team.