We can disguise even a large water tank

Are you concerned that an irrigation system might have a negative visual impact on your garden?  Water tanks can be unsightly, but don’t worry!  This 7000 litre beauty looks enormous sitting on the Rosewood trailer, but we can disguise even a large water tank.  It’s true that pop-up sprinklers require a tank so that water can be pumped into the system at an appropriate pressure to make them work.  Other types of irrigation solution do not always need one.  Drip irrigation, for example, where the water trickles out slowly, does not.  This means that by no means all gardens require a tank.  Where it does prove necessary, it’s generally the case that it’s a larger garden that needs a larger tank, and within a large garden there is usually an out-of-sight location where the tank can be hidden.  This might be behind established planting, where we can conceal it easily.  In other cases there might be a screened off area already to store dustbins or tools.  We always work with you to find the best possible position.

Another alternative to having a large tank is to choose a smaller one and have different irrigation zones that come on at different times, allowing a smaller tank time to refill in between.  At Rosewood we can always come up with a creative solution that suits you.