We can hide your irrigation – even under paving!

Have you ever wished you could have irrigation to your patio pots and planters so that you could be sure they were being watered correctly?  Perhaps you rejected the idea because you thought it might prove unsightly?  Rosewood is here to tell you that we can hide your irrigation – even under paving!  Pipework can be installed right under your existing patio.  We take great pains to lift each slab or brick with extreme care.  After the installation of the system we replace every one exactly as it was before.  You can always rely on our trained installation engineers to do a neat, tidy and professional job.

Take a look at our sequence of pictures showing a job we did earlier this month.  You can see that these beautiful paviors were removed individually.  We noted the position of each one so that they could all be relaid perfectly.  The photos of the patio area after the work was completed should reassure you that you would hardly know we had been there.   If we install irrigation for you in a similar location, you will be left with an invisible system.  You will also have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your plants are receiving just the water they need every day whether you are at home or not.

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