We love the Groundhog TR-12 Trencher – order yours now!

Do you need a small but powerful machine that makes digging trenches for cables or pipework fast and easy?  We love the Groundhog TR-12 Trencher – order yours now!

Rosewood is the UK distributor of this fabulous machine – the smallest but strongest pedestrian trencher available. It’s ideal for laying water pipes or electrical cables.  It has a compact design making storage and transport easy. There’s no need for a trailer – it can be carried in the van with all your other equipment. In the past, creating trenches might have involved using a digger.  This brings logistical issues, especially where a site has restricted access. With the TR-12 you don’t need to worry: it can fit through a garden gate. In fact, if you are working at a domestic property where the only access is through the house, this trencher can even fit through an ordinary interior doorway.

In use, as you walk behind the TR-12 you’ll find it comparatively light and easy to manoeuvre. Digging speed is up to 2 metres per minute with a trench depth of up to 35cm and a digging width of 10cm. Using a trencher will give superior results compared to digging by hand because replaced earth is easily compacted to eliminate settlement. As trenches are narrow and neat there is less excavated material to dispose of and less imported material such as shingle required to fill the excavation. Less labour, less expense, less wastage.

If you want to know more, there is further information here on our trencher page.

At only £2800 + VAT, you know it’s a wise investment.

To order yours today, or if you want to ask anything more about the TR-12, give Rosewood a call on 01727 811448 or drop us a line by email to info@rosewoodirrigationservices.co.uk