Why use a tank when you have a pond?

Rosewood installs irrigation to all sorts of gardens, some of them large, some of them tiny.  Regardless of garden size, in some properties, lower water pressure and flow rate make a water tank necessary.  With a tank installed, you can pump water through at the required rate for the irrigation to work properly.  However, some lucky property-owners have an alternative! Why use a tank when you have a pond?!

Most of us don’t have our own river running through our gardens, or flowing past the end of our lawns.  Likewise, there aren’t many of us who have a garden with our own lake, or moat, or a big enough pond for the purposes we’re discussing here.  For the lucky few that do, however, a large enough body of water like this can be used as a natural tank.  We connect the irrigation system to the pond and install a pump, thus drawing water to the garden at exactly the right pressure and flow.

Of course, using natural bodies of water presents certain problems that aren’t there with a tank, but these are easy to solve.  As an example, the water needs filtering to remove plant or soil debris etc., but this is easily done.  So, despite minor issues, we can make good use of the natural resources at the customer’s disposal.  As we said earlier, why use a tank when you have a pond?!

And the rest of the team get to see Andy in his waders – always a bonus!!