Wildlife at Work with Rosewood Irrigation!

And now, it’s time for wildlife at work, with Rosewood Irrigation Services!

We enjoy working outside, especially during the warmer half of the year.  We get the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air and the many different beautiful gardens that form our workspace.  One of the loveliest things about being outside, as all you gardeners know, is that you come into contact with so many other creatures.   We’ve made friends from most of the classes of the animal kingdom – birds, reptiles, mammals, insects, molluscs etc etc.  Anyway, we sometimes manage to take a quick photo, and we decided it’s time to share some of our favourites from recent months.  Andy identified the snail as the well-known ‘Big Ugly Snail’ but we’re fairly sure it’s a Garden Snail.

Top row (left to right): Goldcrest,  Cinnabar moth, Peahen

Middle row: Red Kite, Garden Snail, juvenile Grass Snake

Bottom row: Robin, Donkey (hahaha), Mute Swan

Hope you’re all enjoying your gardens as much as we are!