Wildlife in every Garden

Working outdoors has its benefits

Obviously in the current lockdown situation, we’re happy that we work outside most of the time.  But leaving that aside, there are so many benefits to being outdoors installing and maintaining irrigation systems.  One of the things we enjoy most is that at Rosewood, we get to see wildlife in every garden. Here in the UK we are lucky enough to have many native species, and it’s always exciting to meet them.

Don’t take them for granted

Of course some animals are lovelier than others (not you, spiders, sorry), but wildlife encounters are always fascinating, whatever the species. We mustn’t take them for granted though.  Many of our native species are in serious decline, and the more we can do to stop this, the better.  If every gardener tried to create a wildlife habitat of some kind, it could really help.  It might be something simple like leaving a small corner of the garden a bit wilder.  Or in a small garden where that’s impossible, why not think about a bee hotel, or a hedgehog house?

Some of our encounters

We want to share some of our recent garden encounters.  There are pictures below taken just in the last few weeks, including birds, amphibians and insects.  Lastly, there’s a fairly large spider on the bottom row on its own, so arachnophobes scroll carefully and when the newt on the glove is visible at the bottom of your screen, go no further.

Find out more

If you want to do something to halt the decline in our UK wildlife, click through to see the National Trust’s 9 ways to build a wildlife-friendly garden

It goes without saying, of course, that a healthy garden provides a great habitat, and we’re famous for helping gardens thrive.  So why not call Rosewood Irrigation Services on 01727 811448 so we can help yours?