Winter Irrigation Installation

Every summer, when the lawn dries out and goes brown, people call Rosewood desperate to find out about our garden irrigation systems.  You might therefore presume that the demand for irrigation disappears in the colder, wetter months of the year.  It’s true that finding an easier, more efficient way to water the garden won’t be uppermost in people’s minds when the weather is cold and possibly wet. However, for many reasons, at Rosewood we think that winter irrigation installation is an excellent idea.

So, why would we suggest that winter irrigation installation is useful?  Well, to begin with, most plants have a period where growth is dormant during the winter.  This means that if we’re installing any part of the system close to established planting, then the shrubs, trees and perennials will be less affected.

Likewise, our clients may find that a winter installation is less disruptive for them too!  We do our best to restore gardens quickly, but there may be times when our customers prefer to keep out of the way.  In winter, of course, it’s no hardship to stay indoors!

There are other reasons too.  One very important point to consider is that in spring and summer, the huge demand means Rosewood is incredibly busy.  This leads to potential clients having to wait longer for an available installation time.  In winter, it’s more likely we can deal with your requirements quickly.

On a garden landscapers website, we found a great list of reasons for landscaping the garden in winter, many of which apply to winter irrigation installation too.

Our installation engineers might be cold, and find the ground harder to dig, but we can cope!!  If you’re interested in a new irrigation system, give us a call before the spring rush starts!