Winter is coming…

It’s true – winter is definitely coming.  We’ve almost completed the shutdown appointments, where our engineers close down our clients’ irrigation systems until spring.  Rosewood can’t stress enough how important it is to leave systems properly shut down during the coldest months.  Obviously in winter the weather is wetter, so we don’t need to water our gardens.  It would be pointless to leave systems switched on when extra irrigation is unnecessary.  However, if it were simply a matter of switching off, we might suggest that clients do this themselves.  Performing your own shutdown IS possible, as long as you know exactly what’s involved.

It’s important to realise that Rosewood’s shutdown service goes way beyond just switching off.  If the system freezes with water in it, pipes can burst and certain electrical components can also be damaged irreparably. We know that pipework, valves, solenoids, timers and pumps can all suffer, so we take steps to avoid this.

Rosewood offers a full service where we first check that all components in all zones are working perfectly and make any necessary adjustments or repairs.  Then we drain the system completely of water, and remove any battery timers into safe storage over the winter.   This means that we leave the system in a state where it should be in perfect working order when spring comes and we start it up again.   You can relax!

As part of Our Services (click here) we offer every client a shut-down appointment as part of our routine maintenance schedule, and if you take us up on this you can rest easy, knowing that we are looking after your system properly so that it will perform at its best for many years to come.