Animal Helpers Are Always Welcome

When the Rosewood engineers are out working in a client’s garden, installing or maintaining an irrigation system, they sometimes pick up unexpected helpers.  They often find that pets like to come and observe.  Sometimes it’s even wild creatures – frogs, bugs, etc (check out a recent wildlife blog post) – but most often it’s pets.  And the most interested animal observers are usually dogs.  Animal helpers are always welcome, but some get more hands on than others, of course.  Look at the husky pup helping out – it’s doing everything bar passing tools!

We thought you’d like to see a small selection of our canine helpers this week, and also, er… a chicken… Yes, you did read that right!

Anyway, as we said, animal helpers are always welcome, so if you have a dog (or a chicken, or any other pet) that might enjoy helping to install an irrigation system, you know where we are!

Alternatively, if it’s simply that you’re interested in finding out about garden irrigation, give Rosewood a call on 01727 811448.  We’re the experts in helping gardens thrive, and we’ll design a system to suit your exact requirements, whether your outdoor space is huge or tiny.  We’re waiting to hear from you…