Garden art for February

A whole month has gone by since Rosewood began sharing some of Monet’s garden and landscape paintings.  Now it’s time for some garden art for February.  This month we’re pleased to show you a landscape that Monet produced during the winter of 1868-69, called The Magpie.  Bearing in mind that February is often snowy, we originally thought this oil painting would be ideal.   However, although the weather forecast predicted snow for the UK, none has fallen here.  We do have a lot of magpies though, so in that respect it still works!

Hopefully the danger of snow is past now (although I may have jinxed it by saying that).  By the time we share next month’s painting, it will be spring.  So you can look forward to our March art being a greener painting.  As you probably know, Monet created a beautiful garden at his home in Giverny and used it as the basis for hundreds of art works.

If you’d like to learn more about this painting, click this link to find out more: Monet “The Magpie”

And if you missed the picture we shared in January, don’t worry, you can find it here: New year of garden art