How do you hide a huge water tank?

Reasons to have a water tank

There are various reasons why we might need to include a water tank as part of an irrigation system installation.  It might be that the water supply at a property does not have strong enough pressure or an adequate flow rate.  A water tank stores water in large enough quantities that it can be pumped at the ideal pressure and flow rate for the irrigation to function properly.  Even where flow and pressure are fine, a system including pop-up sprinklers needs a tank to comply with government regulations.  A small tank may be all that’s necessary, but for a larger system, a bigger tank might be required.  And although they are designed to be as unobtrusive as possible, they aren’t pretty!  So, the important question is, where one is necessary, how do you hide a huge water tank?  Don’t worry! We have the answer.

Hiding a large tank

In a mature garden, there is usually somewhere we can hide even a big tank.  It might fit behind established large shrubs.  It might be easy to conceal in a dedicated area of the garden where other less-attractive items such as wheelie bins or lawnmowers are screened off.  However, in a new garden or one without a great deal of planting, this could be impossible.  Our answer?  Bury the tank in the ground!  The tank in our photographs is designed so that the majority of it is hidden underground, with only a small part left visible.  The pictures below show the tank being driven to the site, and then being buried in the hole we have prepared for it.

Effective answers

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