Irrigation Start-up in Spring

Did you know that garden irrigation systems have to be drained down for the winter to avoid damage to the components and pipework?  If not you can find out more on our winter shutdown post.  The flip side of decommissioning a system in the autumn is that it needs restarting in the springtime.   But it’s not just a case of turning on a tap.  A client’s irrigation start-up in spring gives us a chance to check all the electrical components as we recommission them.  We also make sure that the water is flowing correctly and that all spray heads and other parts are in good condition.  Our spring maintenance service appointment gives you the reassurance you need that the system is not only working correctly, but also that it’s working efficiently.

Can’t we switch the system on ourselves?

Some clients don’t have a maintenance contract with us, and we always say that as long as you know what you’re doing, that’s fine.  However, you may find it reassuring to have a professional service in place.  We have many years of experience, and the technical know-how to understand what to look for and how to check things are as they should be.  Alternatively you may like us to come just for the first time and teach you what to do.  Whatever happens, you can rely on Rosewood to provide friendly service, efficient and careful work, and expertise that comes from being in the garden irrigation business for more than a decade.

Get in touch with us on 01727 811448 if you’d like to know more.  Our friendly office staff are waiting to help.