Irrigation Under Paving

Irrigation under paving

Have you ever considered getting an irrigation system but then disregarded the idea due to concerns about unsightly pipework?  If you are thinking that pipes would need to run across driveways or paths, you don’t need to worry.  At Rosewood we always run irrigation pipework beneath any slabs or bricks, not across them.  Irrigation under paving should be invisible if your system is designed by Rosewood!

How do we hide the pipes?

We feel that it’s worth making the relatively minor effort of lifting paving, and taking the pipes underneath, in order to achieve the major benefits.  Concealing the pipework like this is far better than leaving it visible.  And don’t be concerned about our work spoiling a beautifully paved area! We lift bricks or paving slabs with the utmost care.  We then replace them perfectly, making sure that once we’re finished, there’s no sign that we’ve disturbed them.

Our pictures show irrigation under paving in recent jobs in the Wembley area.  The first shows us working on a system to water raised beds in an area which is block paved.  The other photo is of a roof garden where you can see the slabs still lifted with the pipes underneath.  If you’d like to see images of pipes being laid under brick pathways in a residential garden, follow the link to a post from last year: pop-up sprinklers under paving.

So, hopefully we’ve put your mind at rest if you were wondering about having hard landscaping dug up.  Rosewood takes enormous care with this, as with all our work.  If you’d like to know more, just give us a call.  Our team in the office is always available to answer your questions.