Irrigation Under Paving

If you have paved areas in your garden, you might be worried about us laying pipework underneath it for an irrigation system.  We understand that the thought of us digging up your beautiful driveway and leaving it in disarray is scary.  But please don’t worry!  We promise that irrigation under paving is not the problem you might imagine.  Whether it’s your patio, path, or driveway, it will be okay! We can lift individual slabs or bricks and replace them so carefully that you would never know they had been disturbed.  Read on to find out more!

When we design a garden irrigation system, we include different types of irrigation depending on the planting.  Some types of irrigation – dripline, for example – are pegged at the surface.  However, others, like pop-up sprinklers for lawns, include underground pipework.  In some cases this pipework might need to run under paths or other hard landscaping, but we can achieve this without problems.  The irrigation job in the photos accompanying this post involved removing a row of bricks close to the wall.  We laid the pipe and replaced the bricks.  As you can see from the before and after shots, once we were finished it was difficult to see which bricks had been touched.  No cause for any concern whatsoever!

If you’d like another example of our work when running irrigation under paving, check out our earlier blog post.  We posted digging up paths is nothing to worry about in September 2020 but it’s a post that shows how when we start digging it’s frightening, but afterwards everything looks amazing.